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Light Duty

We have five Dodge and Sterling 5500 trucks with Century 6500/602 wreckers for recovering and towing cars and pickup trucks, battery boosts, unlocking vehicles, changing flat tires, etc. Our Dakota pickup is equipped with a compressor, floor jack, unlock equipment, arrowboard and arrowboard trailer.for lane closures and flagging. As well our Chev Duramax diesel pickup is equipped to haul fifth wheel trailers and travel trailers. We also have a motorcycle trailer that all of the trucks can tow.

Medium Duty

Our Freightliner with a Century EB-4 wrecker and our International with a Century 6500/612 wrecker are used for towing service trucks, large pickups with campers, small and mid sized motor-homes etc.

Heavy Truck Towing

The pride of our fleet is a 2012 Western Star Tri–drive with a Century 1140 rotator with X P ‘s. This is a forty ton rotating recovery boom with side winches and a deck winch for a total of five winches. It is primarily a recovery truck capable of working on narrow logging roads and keeping a lane free for traffic on most highways. It is able to tow large trucks as well. Our second recovery truck is a 2006 Kenworth tandem with a Century 9055 wrecker which is capable of heavy towing of logging truck,, refuse trucks buses etc.Our 2008 Peterbilt tandem with a 4024 Century wrecker is used for towing broken down highway tractors, delivery trucks , motor home, etc.

Specialty Towing

We have the right equipment and experienced employees to haul luxury cars, exotics, antiques, motorcycles, motor homes, 5th-wheel, and travel trailers.

Flatbed Carriers

Our largest carrier is a 2011 Peterbilt tandem with a 28 foot Century 30 series LCG carrier for equipment hauling , large service trucks, and large broken down vehicles (dimension permitting) as well as wrecked R V ,s We have two 2013 Internationals with 21 Foot Century LCG carriers as well as a 2010 Freightliner 21 foot LCG .These haul wrecks, normal breakdowns, exotic cars, and lighter equipment and are capable of towing a second vehicle on the wheel lift.

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